ZEBRA Field Mill

New Cost Affordable Atmospheric
Monitoring and Lightning Warning Device

While the statistical odds of a direct lightning strike are small, the sight, sound, and danger of not knowing if, when, and where it will hit creates fear and demands respect. Modern technology, manufacturing techniques, and lower prices are combined within the ZEBRA Field Mill to eliminate the need to take chances.
Organizations involved with explosives, chemical processes, and sensitive operations including military ordnance and aviation facilities use a zero tolerance approach in response to the danger and consequences posed by the presence of lightning. This policy is possible through an ability to monitor the atmosphere for a change in the local electric fields, an approach that has been proven and refined time and again over the last 15 years through use of systems and sensors designed and produced by The MISSION INSTRUMENTS COMPANY.
The simple fact is that without elevated electric fields and a separation of charge lightning will not and cannot occur. The ZEBRA Field Mill monitors your location - 24 hours/day, 7 days/week - the reported data updated virtually every second. Monitoring the threat against pre-defined thresholds makes it possible to implement timely decisions and to take action such as triggering alarms and notification devices, engaging auxiliary power sources, or isolating sensitive equipment and data, and more.
Field Mills are not Lightning Detectors: but rather, are designed to determine when conditions exist where lightning is likely to occur in the local area. While using a “detector” is an ideal method to confirm that lightning HAS already occurred, it is often too late to be of real operational value especially if the first event occurs either nearby or at the place that is most vulnerable.
Designed for applications where budgets are limited the ZEBRA Mill, is reliable, compact, and easy to install.

Zebra Field Mill
Zebra Field Mill

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Zebra Rev1h July 2009


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