Electric Field Mill Sensor EFS 1000 Series

Atmospheric Monitoring and Lightning Warning Device

Highest Quality, Low Maintenance,
Robust Design

Having a system to monitor the atmosphere to provide early warning when lightning may be present is not just a luxury for many operations, but a necessity. For those whose operations are critical the system must be as reliable, robust, and maintenance free as possible.
The 1000 Series Electric Field Mill is the result of more than 15 years of collaboration with mission critical managers, scientists, and field maintenance personnel to produce the highest quality, most robust system design possible.
A custom brushless motor with heavy-duty bearings, stainless steel shaft, and electronic commutation is specially designed into the EFS 1000 Series to withstand the harsh rigors of the outdoor environment where it must operate 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.
Carefully specified front-end components and precision molded high impedance Teflon insulators are combined with hardware consisting of stainless steel and an exterior housing of aluminum with rugged fused epoxy powder-coating. Use of these materials ensure durability and the best corrosion resistance possible.
In addition to the use of high quality manufacturing and material standards, consideration has been given to field maintenance and a service profile which allows for complete servicing without disturbing the unit’s calibration. The need for maintenance is further reduced through use of a downward looking design which drastically reduces the effects of precipitation and atmospheric contaminants. Such attention allows Mission Instruments to have the best MTBF (mean-time-between-failure) in the industry and the longest initial warranty policy offered for a field mill.
Field Mills have been in use for over 70 years and have been praised for their usefulness in providing lightning warning information. Field Mills are not Lightning Detectors but rather, are designed to determine when conditions exist where lightning is likely to occur in the local area. The simple fact is that without elevated electric fields and a separation of charge lightning will not and cannot occur. Monitoring the threat against pre-defined thresholds makes it possible to implement timely decisions and to take action such as triggering alarms and notification devices, engaging auxiliary power sources, or isolating sensitive equipment and data, and more.


EFS 1000 Electric Field Mill Sensor
EFS 1000 Series Electric Field Mill Sensor

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EFS 1000 Series Rev1h February 2006


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