Mission Instruments utilizes its internet site @ to provide information about its products without requiring that visitors to the site reveal any information about themselves. However, there are instances when Mission Instruments will collect visitor information in order to process visitor requests for additional information. This policy outlines the practices Mission Instruments intends to adhere to with respect to such personal information.

When does the Mission Instruments web site collect visitor information?
The Mission Instruments web site does not automatically collect visitor information. When Mission Instruments seeks to collect visitor information, visitors will be prompted to provide that information. Visitors will be told how Mission Instruments plans to use the information and visitors will be given the opportunity to decline providing the information.

What uses does Mission Instruments make with visitor information?
Mission Instruments' sole reason for asking visitors to provide contact information is to facilitate future communications between Mission Instruments and the visitor in the form of fulfilling a visitor request for Mission Instruments product information and materials; granting visitor access to specific software tools; and processing product purchases from Mission Instruments. Mission Instruments will not provide visitor information to any third party. Under certain situations, visitor information will be forwarded to Mission Instruments authorized sales representatives and distributors for action.

What if a visitor has a change of mind about having supplied contact information to Mission Instruments?
If at any time a visitor wishes to have their contact information removed from the Mission Instruments database, the visitor is asked to send notification to Should a visitor wish to simply update their contact information in the Mission Instruments database, this information can by re-entered at the relevant prompt on the Mission Instruments web site, or notification can be sent by e-mail.

Mission Instruments believes in taking the necessary steps to create responsible use of the World Wide Web. Mission Instruments reserves the right to revise and amend this Privacy Policy as needed. Changes to the policy will be posted on this site.

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